Clearleft presents

dConstruct 2009

Designing for Tomorrow

04 September 2009 · Brighton Dome UK

Natalie Downe

Workshop Leader Natalie Downe

Natalie Downe is a perfectionist by nature and works for Brighton’s Clearleft as a client-side web developer. An experienced usability consultant and project manager, her first loves remain in front-end development and usability engineering. She enjoys Doing Things Right and occasionally dabbling in the dark arts of Python and poking the odd API

Natalie occasional blogs at and randomly rambles on Twitter.

Workshop:HTML5 and CSS3 Wizardry

HTML5 and CSS3 may be considered by some as distant concepts: far in the future and irrelevant to their daily lives. However, in this day-long workshop by Clearleft’s expert client-side engineers Richard Rutter, Jeremy Keith and Natalie Downe, you will learn how these exciting new concepts can be applied today!

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Clearleft is a user experience design consultancy based in Brighton, UK.

We make websites, and in our spare time we like to give something back to the web design community by running dConstruct. It's a grass-roots conference that gathers some of the brightest minds in the industry from around the world, and brings them to our little home by the sea for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

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